This is the official Kronic Skyblock store, Here you can advance your explorations and purchase packages such as Ranks, Crates & Many more! If you have a coupon code you can use it at checkout. Please make sure you read our TOS before purchasing!

Kronic Skyblock runs on version 1.8 of minecraft, We always reccomend using a 1.8 client for the best possible experience.
Complete quests too earn cash, Compete in battles too win rewards and Level up your island too be the top of the leaderboard!
We are consistantly updating and fixing bugs on the server to ensure everyone enjoys there time on the server.

If there are any problems with your purchase please contact our support.
These problems can range from not recieving your package to wanting a refund.
Our support is offered on our Discord server #support channel.
(Click the 'Discord' or '#support' above too be directed there)